System Integrations

Skovik utilizes an open API, meaning you may build several integrations to transfer information from Skovik to another system or from another system to Skovik. We have collected all the required information in this article if you are interested in integrating Skovik with another software.

User synchronization

Send user data such as email, cost center and employee ID from your HR, payroll or ERP system to Skovik. The advantage of integrating Skovik is that users in Skovik can be created automatically when a new employee starts their employment at your company.

You can find some general guidelines regarding user synchronization in the developers' guide. You will also find a section regarding this in our API documentation.

Synchronize projects or cost centers

Projects and cost centers are in Skovik defined as custom fields. These fields may be of three different characters and contain information about cost centers, projects, employee IDs, etc. When building a user synchronization, it is common to create a synchronization for projects and cost centers simultaneously.

You can find some general guidelines regarding the synchronization of custom fields in the developers' guide. You will also find a section regarding this in our API documentation. For more information regarding custom fields, have a look at this article:

pageManage Custom Fields

Exporting data to payroll/ERP

It is possible to transfer payroll and bookkeeping data automatically from Skovik to your company's payroll or ERP system. This is usually done daily but may also be done during different time intervals.

The Skovik Support team can help you identify the export format best suited for your system. For technical information about the integration, advise the API documentation.

Credit card transactions

If your company provides corporate cards (including corporate cards that are privately paid), you can build an integration between Skovik and your corporate card provider. This enables you to receive the corporate card transactions within Skovik, and Skovik will automatically connect the transaction to the proper receipt.

To make this integration possible, you must first be able to receive your corporate card transactions' from your card issuer. To understand the integration, you may advise our API documentation. This article explains how the credit card feature works from an end-user point of view:

pageEurocard Integration

Skovik customers using Eurocard or SEB corporate cards may utilize Skovik's pre-made integration and do not need to build an integration.

Single Sign-on

For more information about an integration for Single-Sign on, look at the following article:

pageSingle Sign-On

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