Eurocard Integration


Customers who have Eurocard or SEB corporate cards for their employees will be able to receive their corporate card transactions to Skovik automatically. Skovik will then connect every transaction to a corresponding receipt.

If you have another credit card provider than Eurocard or SEB, you can build an integration yourself, as explained in the following article:

pageSystem Integrations

Advantages of a credit card integration

There are several advantages of integrating Skovik and your credit card provider, such as the following:

  • You will receive the currency exchange rate used by the credit card provider.

  • You will quickly see if you have a card transaction that is missing a receipt.

  • For corporate cards that the company pays, Skovik will automatically connect the receipts to the right credit card invoice.

Manage invoices and transactions

An administrator or person with finance rights in Skovik will be able to see the status of corporate card invoices and every card users transaction. Under All card payments in the admin menu, you see the progress of each invoice. If you click on the invoice, you will see what users have transactions in the invoice, and the status of each transaction.

Additional articles

The process for the user is similar to the process without cards. The small differences are explained in the following article.

pageEurocard/SEB User Manual

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