Eurocard/SEB User Manual


Companies with corporate cards may decide to integrate this with Skovik. The process for the users are similar to the one described in the general manual, but with some minor extra steps explained on this page.

Connecting expenses to transactions

Linking a transaction to a receipt

  • Make your purchase using the linked corporate card. Upload your receipt to Skovik as you usually would.

  • Skovik will automatically match the transaction with the receipt when Eurocard or SEB has submitted the transaction (usually takes 1-3 business days). Please wait to submit your register your expense until the transaction is linked. This is important for bookkeeping reasons and makes the approval process smoother.

  • A credit card icon will appear on the receipt image when Skovik has linked a receipt to a transaction:

  • To see all transactions that have been uploaded and linked to receipts, go to Card transactions --> Linked.

  • To see all your purchases not yet linked to a receipt, go to Card transactions --> Unlinked. If you have forgotten to photograph the belonging receipt, upload it, and Skovik will automatically match it to the transaction. If the system cannot link your transaction to a receipt, you can do it manually by pressing Link.

  • A transaction can also be linked by clicking on the receipt and then the plus button at the top "Add transaction".

Create a report with card transactions

  • Once you have linked your receipt to a transaction, you may register it and send it for approval. If you need help with how to register a receipt, advice the following article:

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If you have a corporate credit card where your company is paying the invoice, it might be that you have to submit all receipts linked to an invoice all at once, instead of a few at a time. The company will decide if the system should allow you to send in the report if you have missed registering a receipt. The invoice can be seen under Card transactions > Invoices.

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