Report Approval


Once an employee has sent in their report, it will go through one or several review steps. At each step, an individual or a group will review the report. At each step, the reviewer can take any of the following actions.

Actions for reviewers

Finding reports to review

When you have a report to review in Skovik, you will receive an automated email with a link. Follow the link or locate the Review section in the Skovik app, to see all reports awaiting your review.

Approving or refusing a report

You may review the items in the report separately to ensure the information is correct. Once you have looked through the report, you may either Approve it or Refuse it.
When you approve the report, it will either be sent to the next person in the approval chain or be marked as approved (if you are the last reviewer).
If you find any errors in the report, you should refuse it. When refusing a report, you can either refuse the entire report, or only specific items. To do so, press Refuse --> Refuse only some items and tick the boxes on the expenses and trips that should be sent back to the employee.

Skip, replace or add a reviewer

Depending on your plan, your company may have the ability to make changes in the approval chain of a specific report. More specifically, you can then add, replace or skip reviewers. To edit the approval chain on a specific report, use Change reviewers next to the approval chain.
Skipping reviewers may be useful if a report is stuck because an employee is away for an extended period, You can also add an additiona reviewer, if you want a colleague to take a look at it.
If a colleague have a planned leave, we recommend using the Away Mode which will automatically delegete approval to someone else for a specific duration.
The ability to add replace, or skip a reviewer depend on your role in Skovik. Only employees with an Admin, Finance or Report manager role may skip reviewers.

Edit reports in the review stage

By default, a reviewer cannot make changes to a report. However, selected approval steps can be configured such that those reviewing within that step also have edit-rights to that report (while reviewing it).