Project Based Approval


This feature enables a more flexible approval chain based on projects, cost centers, etc. For example, a cost center owner might be more suitable to approve the related expenses than the user's superior or the finance team.

Common usage cases

This feature is used by companies that frequently work on projects where the project manager shall approve expenses instead of the line manager. Other common cases are:

  • Cost center-based approval.

  • Department-based approval.

  • Market-based approval.

  • Product-based approval.

Activate the feature

To activate the feature, contact You can only apply the feature to a multiple-choice custom field. The following article explains how custom fields work in general:

pageManage Custom Fields

Configure project based approval

Set an owner for each project

  • Go to Settings --> Custom fields.

  • Press the button xx Pre-defined values to the right of the custom field you want to use for your approval chain.

  • Press the edit button on the right to add an owner.

  • Search and choose the correct employee in the Owner field. This employee will approve expenses and trips booked to the owner's project or custom field value.

If you do not allocate an owner to a project or custom field value, expenses booked to the project will be excluded from the approval step and automatically approved or sent to the next step.

Set up the approval step

  • Go to Settings --> Approval chain.

  • Press Add approval step and choose the Custom field in the drop-down list for Type.

  • Choose the custom field.

  • Save.

If you have an integration for custom field values, evaluate if this needs to be adjusted before activating the feature.

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