Approval Chain


In Skovik, it is possible to set up an approval chain consisting of one or multiple levels of approval. These steps are either a superior step or a group step.
Superior step
Group step
A superior step means the employee's line manager approves the report. The manager is responsible for the approval, and only the manager can approve the report (unless the report is delegated elsewhere).
A group step means that a group of people (i.e., the payroll department) is responsible for approving the report. The report will end up in all group members' review queues, but only one member will need to approve it.

Edit the approval chain

Add or change a superior

  • Go to Settings --> Employees
  • Find the employee who shall receive a new superior
  • Press Edit and either add, or change the superior
Superiors may approve expenses in all branches in Skovik. The superior and the employee can therefore be assigned to different branches.

Add or change members of a group

  • Go to Settings --> Groups
  • Open the group that is currently approving the reports
  • Add a group member by pressing the Add button
  • Remove a member by using the Remove button

Change the approval chain

  • Go to Settings --> Approval Chain
  • Add additional steps by pressing the Add approval step button
  • If not working, contact [email protected]