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Employees with the Admin or Finance role may create, update and remove handbooks within Skovik. The handbooks are visible to the employee both on the webpage and in the app.

Edit handbooks

To add, edit or remove a handbook:
  • Go to Settings --> Handbooks.
  • If your company has multiple branches, choose the correct branch in the menu.
  • You can choose to add a handbook for expenses, mileages or per diems.

Customise handbooks

Your company handbooks can be customised using the formatting language Markdown. With Markdown, you can create headlines, lists, horizontal dividers and more.
End results
Italic text
Remember to *always* submit a receipt image
Bold text
A receipt **must** be included
Headline 1
# Overview
Headline 2
## Summary
Insert Links
Bullet points
A list of features in Skovik: - Expenses - Mileages - Per diems
Horizontal divider
Insert three dashes after a section if you want to add a horizontal divider ---
There are additional formatting available with markdown. More details can be found on this webpage.