Specific information about NetSuite

When using Netsuite, you may either upload a CSV file to Netsuite or use the Skovik Suite App, which you can download from the Suite App market in NetSuite.

Skovik Suite App integration

If you want to download the Skovik Suite App, please send your NetSuite ID to The Skovik support will allow you to download the Suite App and send you all the necessary information for setting up the Suite App. You may also contact Skovik support if you would like to receive a demo of the Skovik Suite App.

Export a CSV file

Instead of using the Skovik Suite App to import expenses and trips directly into your NetSuite environment, it is possible to download a CSV file from Skovik and upload it to NetSuite. However, you will probably need to create an import template in NetSuite the first time around to ensure that the CSV file is read correctly.

  • Go to the Export tab in the Skovik menu

  • Fill in the form by following the below steps:



If your company has several branches, choose the one you want to export data from


Choose either Bookkeeping or Expense transactions


Choose the interval of dates to export. Use the tab called History to ensure that there are no overlapping dates

Only once*

Some accounts will have a button called Only once, this button should not be used as it will be removed shortly


Choose which information should be exported. Usually, all data is included


Choose the CSV file-type

  • Press the blue Export button

  • Download the newly created file. The file can be found below the headline Your recent exports

  • Upload the file to your ERP system

For more tips regarding the export, read the following article:

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