Welcome to the Skovik Documentation, and our getting started guide. Navigate the documentation by the table of contents on the left. In this article, you can find frequently visited topics.

For employees

Skovik is built from the ground up to be easy. Most people will find their way without any instructions, but we have put together a quick guide for those who prefer the comfort of an instruction manual.

pageDeutsches ManualpageEnglish ManualpageSwedish Manual

For reviewers

Skovik is intuitive, and as a reviewer of reports, you may use either the Skovik webpage or the mobile app. Most reviewers start approving reports immediately, but we have put together a short guide if you prefer a manual.

pageReport Approval

For finance & HR

Skovik is not only built to simplify the expense management process for employees, but Skovik should also make the expense management process more effective for the payroll, finance and HR departments. Here are some articles frequently accessed by payroll, finance and HR personnel.

pageExport DatapageManage Employees

For IT & developers

From a technical perspective, you might want to integrate Skovik into your current IT infrastructure. Skovik customers use various systems, so we have probably heard of your system before. Here are some technical articles that are frequently visited.

pageSingle Sign-OnpageSystem Integrations

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