Single Sign-On

What is it?

Single Sign-on (SSO) is a security measure you can activate on your Skovik account. Skovik accounts without SSO will only allow users to log in with their email address and a chosen password. These passwords are easily forgotten and are often easy to break. As a security measure, many IT departments prefer SSO, meaning the employee has to log in to their active directory to access Skovik. The employee will thus log into Skovik with the same credentials as for their work email.

How does it work?

Microsoft or Google as the identity provider

If your company is using either Office 365, Microsoft Azure AD, or Google Workspace, activating SSO is easy as Skovik has a ready-made integration to these identity providers.

Activate Single Sign-On

  • Go to Settings --> Single sign-on
  • Press the Create button
  • Choose your identity provider
  • Click the Begin external steps link, which will guide you through the setup
  • Choose the enforcement level of the Single Sign-on
  • If you are using Microsoft Azure or Office 365, you must enter your tenant ID to Skovik
To activate Single Sign-on, you will need to be an Admin in Skovik and a Global Admin (Microsoft) or Administrator (Google) in your respective active directory

Other identity providers

If you are using a different identity provider, you may build your own integration. For more information, please consult our developers' guide on this topic or contact [email protected]