Bookkeeper Access


Suppose you use Skovik but have outsourced your bookkeeping or payroll to an external party. In that case, the external party might need access to Skovik to review reports or export the payroll and bookkeeping data. Instead of adding these consultants as employees, it is possible to give them a free bookkeeper account which they can use to access your Skovik account.

Advantages of having a bookkeeper account

  • The account is free of charge.

  • The bookkeeper can access all their Skovik customers from the same account.

  • The bookkeeper will automatically receive Admin rights.

Set-up Bookkeeper access

  • Contact Skovik support to connect your bookkeeper account to your customer's account. Your account is connected if you have a light green banner at the top of the page.

  • Press list of connected companies in the light green banner to see your clients.

  • Allocated companies are companies to which you have access to.

    • Log into a client's account by pressing the Open company button.

  • All companies are companies which your bookkeeper firm has access to.

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