Feature availability

New features are made available in one of the following three categories:

  • Experimental (Exp)

  • Early Access (EA)

  • General Availability (GA)

Most features will go straight to General Availability (without ever going through the Experimental or Early Access stages). The other stages are only used when rolling out more complex functionality, that require some time to bake properly.

Experimental (Exp)

Experimental features have been internally validated for a set of use cases. Minimal or no documentation is provided and these features are usually only available by invitation.

Experimental features may change at any time, and may also be dropped altogether.

As a participating customers, you will be expected to help out by providing feedback to Skovik during development. However, due to its experimental state, we cannot guarantee any timeline for addressing issues or bugs.

Early Access (EA)

Early Access is new or enhanced functionality being made available to select customers.

Code is tested and will generally work alright, though there will be rough edges and the scope may be limited. Some of these features are enabled by default, but you can always opt to not use them.

Support for the overall functionality will not be dropped, though details may change in incompatible ways in a subsequent General Availability release.

Any bug fixes or improvements are managed and fixed with the same timeline and process as those in General Availability.

If you want to give feedback on a feature in Early Access, use our regular feedback channels.

General Availability (GA)

A feature in General Availability is broadly available. Most new features will go straight to this step, without ever passing through one of the aforementioned phases.

While any new feature is more likely to contain bugs compared to features that have been around for several years, we have deemed this ready.

Any feature not marked Experimental or Early Access should be considered Generally Available.

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