Export Templates


Some export formats in Skovik have mandatory fields that you must populate with a static value, i.e., company ID. Additionally, exporting expenses to a different system than mileages and per diems is common. Thus you might need to configure an export format which can become tedious. Instead, you may activate export templates and thus create an export order more quickly.

Activate export templates

Contact Skovik support at support@skovik.com to activate the feature. The support will also help you with the set-up if it is requested.

Create export templates

To create export templates, you must have the Admin role in Skovik.

  • Go to Settings --> Export templates.

  • Press New export template.

  • Name your template and choose the export format.

  • Two additional headlines will pop up: predefined export options and configurable export options.

    • Predefined export options are options you decide on once and that will be pre-filled every time you create an export order.

    • Configurable export options are options you must fill in every time you create the export order. Commonly the dates for the export order will be a configurable option.

  • Use the arrows on the right-hand side to move an option between the predefined and the configurable menu.

Use an export template

To create an export order using your export template:

  • Go to Export --> Templates.

  • Choose a branch and export the template.

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