Other Bookkeeping-systems

As many ERP and bookkeeping systems are on the market, not all have been included in the Public Docs. If you have any questions regarding a specific ERP or bookkeeping system, contact support@skovik.com

Export process in different countries

Export process in Sweden

In Sweden, it is customary to send files from Skovik to the payroll system as mileage and per diems must be reported to Skatteverket. A bookkeeping file is then sent from the payroll system to the ERP system, although it is possible to create a bookkeeping file from Skovik. If you are unable to send a bookkeeping file from your payroll system contact the Skovik Support and they will help you find the format most suited for your ERP system.

Export process in other countries

In all other countries it is common to export a bookkeeping file directly to the ERP system. Most customers are using the export format called Bookkeeping or Expense transactions but the Skovik support can help you find the best format for you.

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