Append Multiple Receipts


You may use this feature to attach multiple attachments or receipt pictures to your expense in Skovik. There are several cases when it could be beneficial to attach multiple images. Frequent usage cases include:

  • Having to attach an additional attachment in conjunction with a receipt, i.e., an agenda, or a document provided by the employer.

  • Having to include both the receipt and the receipt slip.

  • Having to add supporting documents by request from the payroll team, i.e., having to attach a receipt picture instead or in addition to a payment confirmation.

Please note: This feature is only available on the webpage and not in the mobile app.

Append multiple receipts

  • Upload the first picture or attachment to Skovik as you would normally.

  • Press the plus button on the receipt picture. This button can be found when registering the receipt. When in the outbox or among your returned reports, you instead click on the "enlarge receipt" button in the upper left corner.

  • You will now see the image in its original size. Press the Append photos button to upload any additional images or pdf's.

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