Manage Expenses


Usually, most expenses are booked to a single expense category and a single cost center etc. However, there might be instances where you need to divide an expense on different categories, cost centers or projects.

Split expense on multiple categories

In cases where you need to divide a receipt on multiple expense categories in Skovik, this is possible by using the plus icon next to the expense category. An additional expense category field will appear below the original one.

Split expense on multiple cost centers or projects

The feature can be used together with any multiple choice custom field. This means you can split expenses on multiple projects, departments, cost centers or any other custom dimension.

Split an expense using the split icon next to the custom field. A new pop-up will open where you can use the sliders to allocate the expense to up to five different cost centers.

This feature is also compatible with project or cost center based approval, meaning that expenses will be sent automatically to the approving project- or cost center owner.

Activate the feature

To activate the feature, contact

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