To ensure that employees submit, and approvers approve their reports regularly and in time for the payouts, Skovik offers you to configure reminders and Deadlines. This gives transparency to the employees regarding when their expenses has to be submitted in order to receive a reimbursement. Different deadlines can be set for different branches if the payout period differs.

Deadline for submitting reports

Deadlines for submitting reports are sent to any user that:

  • Has something registered in their outbox

  • Has a returned report that should be resent or deleted

  • Has a detached receipt under the receipts tab

  • Has an unlinked corporate card transaction

The email will specify what kind of item the reminder refers to, and when it should be submitted in order for the employee to receive reimbursement in time. If the user does not take any actions, they can still submit their items at a later point of time, but the user will know that they might have to wait longer for the payout.

Deadline for approving reports

Deadlines for approving reports are sent to any user that has something in their Review tab. This email lets you know when the waiting reports should be approved at the latest.

Set up recurring deadlines

Only administrators can set up deadlines. This is done under Settings -> Recurring deadlines -> Create recurring deadlines.

This will make a popup appear, where the deadline date is added. You then choose how many days before the deadline the reminder should be sent. You can choose to send reminders both for submitting reports and for reviewing reports.

Edit specific deadline

Only administrators can edit deadlines. This is done under Settings -> Deadlines, where there is an overview of deadlines and reminders. For reminders that are not yet sent, you will see an edit button, which you press if the deadline should be sent on a different date. This might be applicable around Christmas or during summer vacation times, where the reimbursement might not be done on the same dates as usual.

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